Dominique Branson

Ph.D. Student | Sociolinguistics

University of Pittsburgh


Dominique Branson is a Ph.D. Linguistics Student, concentrating in Sociolinguistics, at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research focuses on anti-Black linguistic racism in U.S. courts and schools. More specifically, Dominique studies the ways in which perceptions of African Americans’ language contribute to persistent racial inequalities in United States’ criminal justice and education systems. By combining qualitative and quantitative research methods in raciolinguistic and critical discourse analysis frameworks, Dominique aims to understand the role of language in perpetuating anti-Black racism to advance racial equity efforts.


2022 (forthcoming)

Branson, D. (2022). “Getting the Language Right: Confronting Racism with Critical Discourse Analysis”. Black Bodies on the Frontlines of Anti-Racism.

Branson, D. (2022). “Curriculum Punishment”. Being #BlackintheIvory: Contending with Racism in the American University. UNC Press.


Branson, D. (2021). “On the offensive: Prejudice in language past and present by Karen Stollznow” (review). Language in Society. 50(5).

Goodkind, S., Gartner, R., Jacobs, L., Branson, D., King, J., Meaux, S., Miller, E. (2021). “Making AIMS Explicit: Establishing Intersectionality Criteria for Gender Equity Analyses”. Social Work Research.


Howell, J., Goodkind, S., Jacobs, L., Branson, D., Miller, E. (2019). “Pittsburgh’s Inequality Across Gender and Race”. Gender Analysis White Papers. City of Pittsburgh’s Gender Equity Commission.

Works in Progress

Branson, D. “Tag Questions and the Naturalization of Anti-Blackism in Courtroom Discourse”. Manuscript.

Branson, D. “‘Why Isn’t Our Word Enough’: Situating Raciolinguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis for Understanding Black Girls’ Racialization in School”. Manuscript.

Wiener, S., Savage Friedman, F., Rahman, S., London, S., Branson, D., Riley, A., Deirmenjian, C., Miller, E. “Enhancing Resilience of Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth: Feasibility and Acceptability of an Anti-Oppression Yoga Mindfulness Program”.


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